ARS T&TT launces a unique digital parking enforcement solution for EPS (Egis Parking Services) in Amsterdam

On January 2nd 2018, the ARS T&TT SOSPES service for parking enforcement in Amsterdam was launched. The system provides the EPS parking operator with an advanced enforcement back office and connects with more than 10 digital scan cars and scan scooters. SOSPES not only serves enforcement on 150.000 (on street) parking places but also on illegal parking places like the pavement (so-called Mulder enforcement) in Amsterdam. The system also allows EPS to process multiple detections of the same violation into the concatenation of parking time to the parking fine NHA (parking naheffingsaanslag). Over 3.000 violations are processed on a daily basis.

With the new back office, EPS is better equipped to manage and achieve their KPI’s and they can carry out the required enforcement more accurately and with less effort. The advanced Image Review Module allows validation of 80% of the violations on digital evidence from the back office.

With the launch of SOSPES both EPS and ARS T&TT have innovated parking enforcement significantly. The inclusion of digital Mulder enforcement is unique in the Netherlands, as well as the connection with scan scooters and the concatenation of multiple violation detections of the same vehicle during the day into a NHA including recorded parking time.

EPS and ARS T&TT continue to further innovate the parking enforcement in Amsterdam and as such are market leaders in the Smart Parking domain.