Anna Cristofoli

Data Analyst

I first joined ARS T&TT as an intern.

“My topic of interest has always been traffic management and I was looking for an opportunity to get first-hand experience in the dynamics of a ‘real life’ project, so to say. Upon suggestion from a professor of mine at the TU Delft, I reached out to ARS T&TT. Luckily, the traffic management team was expanding and looking for new colleagues.”

The projects I am involved in perfectly reflect the focus of my studies.

“For instance, at the moment I am following the Adaptive Flow Management (AFM) project, developed as part of the traffic management system for the Maastunnel in Rotterdam. My tasks are quite diverse and allow me to both put into practise my own knowledge and also to develop new skills.

What I like most is the fact that I’m involved in all stages of a project’s development. From the field visit and assisting with the installation of equipment, to the analysis of data coming in from the installed equipment.”

It's great to be involved in all stages of the project’s development