Hilde Kars

Service Manager

“What first got me interested in ARS T&TT was that the customer is taken very seriously since service management (and therefore the bridge between technology and customer) is a hot topic on the agenda. In my role as a service manager for the Business Unit Smart Parking, I am that bridge between our clients and the company. I’ve always loved to bring people together and made it my profession.”

Teamwork is important

“Our projects are rather complex which requires tight and intense coordination with suppliers, the customer and of course my colleagues. ARS T&TT’s flat organizational structure enables us to communicate easily and it’s great to see cooperation between different colleagues with different areas of expertise. With my service management expertise, I shop for other areas of expertise in the company to get things done for our customer, and to create a one-stop-shop where customers get all their questions answered. Teamwork is a very important factor at ARS T&TT and I love how that is working in practice.”

Room for ideas and initiatives

“At ARS T&TT new ideas are always welcome. You’re really able to take initiative, come up with new solutions and are given the liberty to follow through. No matter whether that’s on a professional level or in more informal settings such as the companies’ events committee that I am part of too. We are growing as a company and that generates all kinds of chances for new initiatives.”

In my role as a service manager I am the bridge between our clients and the company.