System architect

‘‘I really wanted to keep myself busy with technology and the design of technical systems. Therefore, I started to working at ARS T&TT at the end of 2007, after I studied information technology in Leiden. Initially I was a junior software engineer and in the meantime the junior stage is over. It is my job to make sure that the proper software is produced and that bugs are analysed. The programming itself is done by our colleagues at our office in India.”

Main challenge is to keep a high level of quality

“I make sure that our Indian colleagues produce exactly what we want. Therefore, I construct very extended working instructions. There is a lot of communication with them, also to repair possible errors in the system. Furthermore, I work as project manager on small projects. This work also involves social skills. Not just technology.”

Focus on key functionalities, afterwards the extensions

“Some projects I work for are ESDAL in England to obtain more efficient transport of special vehicles and its Dutch version (CROS). If you make something new, initially you try to confine the scope in order to focus on the key functionalities. It is important to implement and deliver those properly, without critical issues. In a second release we concentrate on additional functions to make the system better and broader.

Technically and socially skilled: that is what you need to be for this work