Data Warehousing and Sensoring

The ARS T&TT data warehousing and analysis services ensure that the huge volumes of real-time traffic data from a variety of data sources and locations are recorded and maintained for traffic management, traffic information, traffic analysis and decision support. With almost twenty years of experience we provide our customers with independent, reliable and unprejudiced advice for traffic research and data analysis. 
ARS T&TT is renowned for its traffic data monitoring, traffic data processing and warehousing services. Analytical services built upon this foundation are provided to authorities for online traffic management, traffic information forecasts and offline traffic analysis purposes. Time series traffic data is obtained from ARS T&TT’s various traffic monitoring sources and is entered into a traffic data warehouse, containing a database with historical and online traffic information. High quality traffic information and forecasts are derived from this data using filtering and data fusion algorithms. The results are utilised in the traffic information, traffic management and traffic engineering domains.

Sensoring and data fusion

ARS T&TT works with multiple sensors, each of which has unique characteristics. ARS T&TT is able to determine which sensor type or which mix of sensor types is the most suitable to meet our customers’ requirements and achieve optimal results. For instance, Bluetooth, GPS, Loops and Radar are suitable sensors for analysing speed, travel time and traffic intensities. Currently, ARS T&TT uses the Traffic video sensor (ANPR, ADR), Loop detector, Virtual loop detector, Blue traffic sensor, GPS sensor, Radar detector and Floating car data and third party data as sources for its Traffic data warehouse solution. For example, third party weather forecasts and calendars with public holidays and school holidays are used in addition to data from traffic sensors to achieve an accurate travel time prediction. 

Saving costs with data fusion

Existing data sources that no longer meet requirements need to be upgraded or replaced. The replacement of an entire system, however, is costly and time-consuming. With data fusion, ARS T&TT combines the inferior third party data sources with its own new sensors installed at strategic locations in the existing traffic network. This cost-effective solution increases the quality of the data and extends the economic lifespan of already existing measuring equipment. Because multiple data sources are used, data fusion has the additional advantage of providing a backup in the event that one of the data sources fails. 

Data warehousing

ARS T&TT has implemented Traffic monitoring and Data warehousing services for a multitude of clients since 2003. The Dutch National Data Warehouse (NDW) is the most extensive example so far, with nearly 10 million traffic data updates per day from locations all over the Netherlands. Online data services for NDW include traffic intensities, vehicle classifications, speeds, and estimated and realised travel times. NDW covers nearly 10,000 km of highway, national roads and urban roads. The data from NDW is distributed to all traffic information service providers and major road operators in the Netherlands. The ARS T&TT data warehouse is hosted at a Tier 4 data centre which allows almost 100% availability for the service.

Traffic analysis and modelling

Traffic analysis and modelling services from ARS T&TT provide an excellent foundation for high-impact infrastructural decisions. In situations where road operators require an analysis of the current traffic situation and trends, ARS T&TT is frequently contracted as the data service provider. Permanent and temporary monitoring allow an excellent overview to be obtained of the status and trends of traffic flows. Traffic reports include trends in vehicle classes, in origins and destinations and in journey times. Analysis functions come complete with forecasting services based on real-time data, historical trends and accountable exceptions to traffic behaviour.  


Traffic management is critical for maintaining traffic flow and accessibility in major economic zones. Consequently, 24/7 traffic monitoring and data warehousing is critical as well. This is a core activity of ARS T&TT, who runs a traffic control and monitoring centre (TCMC) where all traffic anomalies, events, incidents, and roadside and server equipment statuses are remotely monitored and corrected on a 24/7 basis. ARS T&TT is organised in such a way as to deliver in line with the high availability requirements associated with providing traffic management solutions.

Proven added value

Provision of reliable, high availability Data warehousing services for over 10 years, enabling traffic managers to optimise the use of the road network.
High quality real-time traffic data allows real-time traffic management and decision-making by travellers.
Saves costs for customers by combining innovative sensor technology with existing data sources by means of data fusion.
Independent and unprejudiced advice.