The Enforcement solutions provided by ARS T&TT enable authorities to be alerted immediately to a polluting vehicle entering an environmental zone or a vehicle violating the speed limit. Our smart camera system registers, identifies and classifies vehicles. A license plate search of the vehicle registration database distinguishes polluting vehicles, and the system then automatically generates a certified violation report for the authorities.

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Proven value

The Average speed enforcement and Environmental zones solutions developed by ARS T&TT have proven their worth in numerous projects.
Average speed enforcement (section control) 
Effectively reduces traffic speed on entire road sections.
Decreases the incidence of offences typically from 20% to 1%.
Decreases congestion by improving traffic flow.
Improves safety (fewer accidents).
Distinctive high precision with > 99.99% accuracy.
Fully automated system.
Certified average speed measurement.
Classifies vehicle categories (passenger cars, trucks, trailers).
Self-triggering – no inductive loops needed.
Invisible infrared illumination allows 24/7 operation.
Dynamic speed enforcement possible with certified interfacing to VMS speed signs.
Many times cheaper than physical bollard barriers.
No risk of vehicles damaging barriers.
Technology based on identifying and classifying vehicles.
Distinctive high precision with > 99.99% accuracy.
Fully automated system.
Use of multipurpose equipment.
Prevents abuse of bus traps.
Better traffic circulation due to the absence of physical barriers.
Emergency services have access at all times. 
Automated enforcement and fining.
Cleaner streets.