Planning and Logistics

With the planning and logistics solutions developed by ARS T&TT, road authorities, logistics companies and enforcement organisations can optimise their transport planning and permission handling. The ARS T&TT Special transport planner solution enables authorities to regulate permission for exceptional transport to use their road networks, while logistics companies can use the platform to provide optimal vehicle-specific driving instructions. Our solutions provide accurate, timely and location-specific planning information in a useful format at a low price.   

Special transport planner

The ARS T&TT Special transport planner is a specialised map-based multimodal transport planning solution that highway authorities / road owners can utilise to plan and approve routes for the transportation of special consignments such as abnormal loads and dangerous goods. The Special transport planner developed by ARS T&TT maintains a database of road networks and road structures with detailed information on the road characteristics. One of the key features of the Special transport planner is that it supports multimodal transport planning, including rail, road and water. Standard APIs are made available to the transporters to upload the requested details, which are used to plan the optimal route for the consignment. Read more information about the Special transport planner here.

Proven value

The planning and logistics solutions developed by ARS T&TT have proven their worth during several projects including the ESDAL (Electronic Service Delivery for Abnormal Roads) project for the Highway Agency and the MINT / project for RWS .  
Cost reduction due to less paperwork, fewer delays and lower associated costs.
One platform including up-to-date map information, relevant restrictions and real-time traffic information.
Dedicated GUI for road authorities and logistics companies and enforcement organisations.
Connections to additional sources including real-time traffic and roadworks information.
Standard APIs are available for uploading the requested details.
Easy sharing of information between stakeholders regarding planning.
Detailed driving instructions with route plan, special conditions, speed limits and cautions.
Cautions and constraints for an approved route can be included in the route plan.
Standardisation and modular production conversion for rapid and reliable deliveries.
All stakeholders receive a common view of consignment details, schedules for transportation, planned route information, road details, road structure details, etc. 
Builds up historical data on special goods transportation, planned routes, road structure etc.
Real-time quality control of the systems with 100% reliability in quality and delivery information and over 99.9% system availability.