Planning and Logistics

Our vision

The Planning & Logistics department within ARS T&TT solves complex issues surrounding route planning and optimization. Especially efficiency and cost awareness play a big role within the sector; the competition is big, cooperation is sensitive, innovation is not automatically on the agenda and due to the globalization of the services cross-border distances (corridors) increase. So efficiency, but in combination with new technological possibilities, because they are already present in many forms. A competitive advantage is created using existing technology (think of: big data, floating car data, IoT technology) for the development of new applications (optimal routes, deployment of tailor-made means of transport, on-demand transport, load sharing, disclosure of information for the user via apps). Changing regulations (enforcement based on different regulations in different countries) and social trends surrounding road tax, safety and CO2 reduction have an effect.

Planning & Logistics focusses on concrete issues, such as more efficient waste processing (dynamic daily changing waste routes), smarter transportation of goods or persons (transportation on request instead of empty regular services or empty taxi’s), fleet management (car sharing) or the safe transport on allowed routes of exceptional transport. Planning & Logistics has delivered successful solutions in all these cases.

These solutions are based on the Lyncxx software platform developed by ARS T&TT. Lyncxx users gain more insights and significantly increase their efficiency, as a result lowering their operating costs. Besides the professional development and maintenance of applications, Planning & Logistics also provides the guidance of new applications within existing organisations through culture programs.




Lyncxx provides maximum efficient, multimodal schedules and routes based on advanced optimized algorithms. Lyncxx takes many factors into account, such as the number of available means of transport, travel times and distances, order of destinations, special route instruction and limitations, load characteristics, order of load and the possibility of load sharing. Lyncxx uses professional map information and is integrable with traffic information systems.


• Advanced routing algorithms using multiple complex variables 
• Detailed application of specific characteristics (e.g. vehicle size, load sequence, cabin conditioning)
• Platform based SaaS. Modular design with user specific layer on top and efficient release management and maintenance 



• Avalex, waste management in The Netherlands 
• Highways England, abnormal load transportation in the United Kingdom
• RDW, abnormal load transportation in the Netherlands
• Connekt, pickup and delivery in the Netherlands 


Lyncxx Special Transport Planner (STP)

The Special Transport Planner (STP) is a specialised map-based multimodal transport planning solution that can be used to plan detailed routes, considering specific vehicle characteristics, actual road restrictions, roadworks and multimodal route alternatives. The platform allows to plan routes on Android or iOS devices or in a back-office, uploading it to a smartphone or a navigation device, and therefore making it unique from competitors. STP delivers data using open standards to in-car navigation systems, enforcement systems and other systems.


• Safe and error free navigation 
• No need for separate human navigator
• Easy interconnectivity with (ARS T&TT) platforms 


Lyncxx Fleet Management

ARS T&TT provides an advanced platform for car sharing (B2B, B2C) including wireless access, start interruption and administrative processing. Our product is a highly efficient fleet management solution that includes the reservation of vehicles, the keyless opening and closing of vehicles and the reporting of the use of the vehicles. The technology can also be used separately from car sharing as a telematics instrument that tracks vehicles and moving goods and services, satisfying our customers’ needs.


• Advanced tracking and tracing functionalities 
• Easy interconnectivity with customer layer
• Platform based SaaS. Modular design with user specific layer on top and efficient release management and maintenance. 



• Indian Oil (IOCL), fleet management in India 
• Bharat Coking (BCCL), fleet management in India
• WeGo, car sharing services in the Netherlands 


Further enquiries

For direct support, please contact:

Michiel van Rhijn - Manager Planning & Logistics

+31 (0)70 360 8559