Public Transportation

ARS T&TT has developed and implemented multiple Public transport information systems to improve passengers’ access to information. Dynamic bus platforms prevent congestion and improve passenger flow at terminals in city centres. Travel information systems developed by ARS T&TT provide passengers with up-to-date information and forecasts through dynamic panels. Continuous effort is also invested in updating and improving current systems, and new ideas for our world in motion are constantly in development. 

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A complete Public transport solution

ARS T&TT provides both components as well as a complete information system. We can offer a complete technology-driven solution that integrates new components such as display types and information feeds. ARS T&TT distinguishes itself by its integrated approach, including all aspects from development, implementation and installation to exploitation. This way, we can deliver high quality at a lower cost.

Proven value

The dynamic information panel and dynamic bus station solutions have proven their worth in several projects.
Provides information to passengers dynamically.
Fully automated system.
Supports all types of panels (TFT, LED, LCD).
Energy-efficient solar powered displays.
Integrated support system.
Ensures optimal use of bus platform.
Prevents congestion at bus platform.
Keeps passengers informed in a flexible manner.
Fully automated system.
Integrated support system.