Public Transportation

Our vision

ARS T&TT’s public transport solutions are carried out by its subsidiary Surtronic. Since its foundation in 1987, Surtronic has built unparalleled expertise in public information systems with a strong focus on public transport. Decades of experience in developing, delivering and maintaining displays and information systems not only enable us to understand the trends that impact the public transport sector, but also to implement innovations in robust solutions that are truly fit for purpose.

At Surtronic, we create future-proof public transport systems by taking new technologies and implementing them into scalable products that meet the challenges faced by public transport in the 21st century, as well as the toughest operational standards.

Our combined expertise in both software and hardware enable us to act as either a public transport system integrator or a hardware specialist, depending on specific customer demands. We can deliver throughout the entire public information chain: from the IT-architecture to the physical presentation of information on local displays, offering seamless connection of software and hardware.




Flexpaper is a solar-powered public transport display system offering real-time passenger information and other relevant content. It seamlessly integrates into 21st century Smart City infrastructure and helps you reach your passengers quickly and effectively.


• Solar powered and fully autonomous 
• Wirelessly connected to a Content Management System
• Transport and non-transport information at any time 


Current locations

• The province of Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands 
• The province of Overijssel, the Netherlands
• The province of Noord-Holland, the Netherlands 
Passenger Information Display Systems (PIDS)

Passenger Information Display systems (PIDS) offer public transport organizations a complete solution to provide passengers with real-time and forecast travel information. We develop, install and maintain the entire system using our own software, server and hardware.


• A broad portfolio of display products 
• Expertise in all profound display technologies and experience with the most challenging customer needs
• Well defined API's for integration in an existing network as well as a complete server solution capable of controlling a broad range of display types simultaneously 


Current locations

• The Netherlands 
• United Kingdom
• Belgium
• Israel 


Dyanmic Bus Platform (DBUS)

DBUS assigns buses arriving at the terminal to available platforms, coordinating their line/service numbers and expected time of arrival and departure by using an optimizing algorithm.


• Optimization of limited space at bus terminal 
• Bus locations clearly communicated to passengers using overview displays 


Current locations

• Arnhem, the Netherlands 
• Nijmegen, the Netherlands 


Intelligent Transit Management System (ITMS)

Surtronic operates at the forefront of Smart City solutions with the implementation of our Intelligent Transit Management System (ITMS) for Surat, India. With ITMS, Surtronic offers an integrated mobility platform for a city with 4,5 million inhabitants. Recently, Surtronic received the Smart Infrastructure Innovation Award for this project and Surat is the second city in India to include real time transit information via Google Maps.


• A city-wide integrated platform, that caters a diverse set of transportation needs 
• Provides the ability for better organization of planning and operations, and integration of transit systems
• ITMS has a wide range of interfacing, data analysis and processing capabilities providing real-time and decision-making information for public transport operations 


Current locations

• City of Surat, India 

Public Transport Asset and Service Management System (VDB and VDBGIS)

Integrated software package and GIS that manages all aspects of public transport data and services. With a single integrated database (Oracle) and an open database architecture – clients can add on their own systems. The system has a built-in Geographic Information System providing visual insight in the relevant assets.


• Insight in passenger flows for the planning of trips and scheduling of bus/tram lines 
• View infrastructure, schedules and routes
• Visually see the impact of changing routes 


Current locations

• GVB, the Public Transport Authority of Amsterdam 


Further enquiries

For direct support, please contact:

Jeroen van Rij - Managing Director Surtronic
+31 (0)23 - 542 0020