Smart Mobility

ARS T&TT is committed to developing ways of reducing the overloading of the road network, whether it be continuous overloading due to the high use of the road network or temporary traffic flow problems caused by roadworks.

Smart Mobility by ARS T&TT

ARS T&TT is a specialist in the field of technology and mobility. We supply systems for navigation and routing and big data services for travel information and travel times. We also provide project management, operational traffic management and marketing and communication. Moreover, the business line Smart Mobility is responsible for all branches within the solution.

Proven value

The Mobility solutions developed by ARS T&TT have proven their worth in several projects.
Demand management
Decreases congestion by improving traffic flow.
Increases the accessibility of the city.
Decreases economic loss due to traffic jams.
Real-time navigation
The best route from A to B, with network-centric approach.
Decreases congestion by improving traffic flow.
Increases the accessibility of the city.
Facilitates parking without obstacles.

Improving traffic flow

ARS T&TT has diverse projects with different approaches to improving the traffic flow. Some projects encourage the driver to take another route in exchange for compensation in the form of reverse tolling. Active demand management gives people an incentive to change their travel habits, either through financial compensation or compensation that is part of a loyalty system. These projects are most suitable for projects with a fixed timeframe such as roadworks.


Improving information and navigation

Another way of improving traffic flow is to improve information and navigation. By providing drivers with smart navigation, it is possible to split the traffic by directing drivers to their destinations via a range of routes, thus reducing the possibility of congestion along any one route. This is especially helpful in high density areas, such as big cities.
ARS T&TT has developed a unique application for this called Superroute’, which gives real-time information about the traffic situation along your daily route. Smart navigation systems like the Superroute app provide a link between the existing road network and the new information. The navigation systems developed by ARS T&TT are also capable of coordinating parking. In addition, real-time information is a boon during big events, ensuring that traffic flow is impeded as little as possible by the extra traffic. The challenge during these events is to deal with temporary adjustments in the road network, such as closed-off roads and redirections. Click here to see the app in use during Amsterdam SAIL 2015.

Facts and Figures

• Over 100.000 drivers participated in our demand management projects since 2006. 
• Reduction of over 2,5 million trips during rush hours as a result of these projects.
• 5-10% less traffic during rush hours in the project regions 
• 50.000+ users of our smart mobility apps since 2014. 
• 2 million trips logged via our smart mobility apps.