Smart Parking

ARS T&TT is a strong supplier of innovative parking solutions for both off-street and on-street parking, as well as best-of-breed solutions for cities, municipalities and commercial companies that own their own parking premises.
On-street parking solutions are offered in the form of a joint venture called EgisParking Services. Off-street parking solutions are offered by ARS T&TT alone.
We combine our solid traffic engineering expertise with our latest knowledge of software and hardware to provide solutions ranging from full On-street managed service offerings, including enforcement services, permit services and parking machine operation / maintenance services, to dynamic guided parking and integrated navigation/parking applications for off-street parking solutions.

On-street parking solutions 

Shared service concept for parking operations
For on-street parking we offer a managed service concept through our joint venture EgisParkingServices (EPS). EPS runs the full parking operation from our shared service centre in Amsterdam, committing to business KPIs. We can provide this managed service concept to other cities as well. For example, we can offer a complete parking enforcement service, in which parked vehicles are scanned, parking violations are detected and appropriate action is taken (NHA (an additional tax levy for parking costs), wheel clamping or a fine for minor traffic infringements).
Through this managed service concept, cities neither need to hire people nor purchase systems, but simply agree upon a service level agreement based on core KPIs such as:
• Willingness to pay
• Control probability
Similar service concepts are offered for “managing and controlling parking permits” and “managing and maintaining parking machines”.
Example managed service case 
As an example, EPS can offer a managed Enforcement service, in which Amsterdam enforcers with ScanCars or ScanScooters, scan the parking places of a city and match them with the NPR to create the required NHA’s.
EPS can also offer a service for the remote monitoring of Parking Machines, as well as creating service levels and maintenance processes for these machines, with an uptime of 99%.
The Amsterdam / EPS managed service is oriented around number plate-based parking, innovative parking verification (by use of scan vehicles) and innovative follow-up (back office / image review). We guarantee an
up-time of 99% for parking machines, a willingness to pay of up to 90% and a control probability of up to 10%.

Off-Street parking solutions

Dynamic guided parking
The Dynamic guided parking solution (DGPS) developed by ARS T&TT collects and maintains real-time information about the occupation and availability of parking spaces in off-street parking premises. At each intersection within the car park, up-to-date information is given on the number of available parking places, for each row, section or floor. The DGPS provides assistance with capacity management and incident management, and dynamically guides all vehicles to the nearest, most convenient places available using smart routing.
Business benefits include:
• High parking occupation - up to 98% - 99%
• Effective routing of vehicles through the garage
• Effective management information on parking and free zones
ARS T&TT’s off-street Dynamic guided parking solution is currently operational at Schiphol Airport P1.

Integrated navigation / parking guidance solutions

Up to 50% of the traffic in city centres consists of vehicles searching for a convenient parking place. ARS T&TT has successfully implemented an integrated solution combining route navigation and parking facilities with which people attending specific events are able to combine route navigation to the event with booking a parking place in advance. By integrating knowledge of the event location and the available parking capacity, the amount of traffic seeking parking can be reduced. ARS T&TT successfully applied this concept during SAIL 2015, an event during which more than a million people visited the centre of Amsterdam.
This concept is applicable for all urban mobility challenges. With the help of intelligent parking systems, ARS T&TT is able to guide drivers to a relevant parking location and thus improve traffic flow in the area.