Traffic Management

The purpose of traffic management is to ensure the effective functioning of roads and highways. This can be achieved by providing useful information to road users (like real-time traffic information and traffic flow predictions) and by implementing intelligent systems that increase effective road use and reduce the impact of incidents (like ramp control systems or variable speed limits). ARS T&TT offers a broad spectrum of products and services that cater to the diverse needs of our clients. 

Traffic management outsourcing 

Traffic management outsourcing (TMO) allows road operators the convenience of full control over their road networks without the associated high costs and operational hassles. ARS T&TT offers dedicated traffic management services on a 24/7 basis. The perspective of road operators is shifting from technology-oriented to performance-centric at reduced operational costs. 
Running a traffic control centre can be expensive in terms of the time and effort required. Significant resources are expended on facility management and maintenance, so it has become advantageous to consider alternative options such as outsourcing. When road operators need to downsize or reduce costs, the partial outsourcing of traffic management is a realistic alternative that can be implemented quickly.
The outsourcing of traffic technology monitoring and maintenance fits well with the strategy of road operators who want to focus on their core competencies. ARS T&TT provides the outsourcing solution that enables the operator to stay in full control of the strategic and tactical management, but outsources the operational tasks.

Traffic management reporting

The Traffic management reporting (TMR) system from ARS T&TT extends traffic reporting capabilities to the Traffic data warehouse (TDW). Traffic reports include trends in vehicle classes, and trends in origins and destinations in journey times. Analysis functions are complete with forecasting services based on real-time data, historical trends and accountable exceptions to traffic behaviour.
The TMR Engine generates Traffic Management Reports, which consist of information about sensors such as Bluetooth Traffic Sensors, ANPR Systems, Loops and Floating Car Data.
The reports can be created based on predefined templates to ensure their compatibility with official formats if necessary. Traffic management reports can consist of tabular, schematic and graphic representations of speed, intensity and travel times that can be grouped as desired. The TMR system accepts filtering parameters such as method type, add-ons, locations, trajectories and date range for creating the reports.

Traffic data management system

ARS T&TT has developed a Traffic data management system that assists users of traffic management desks in carrying out traffic management tasks and the functional management of roadside systems. The system (called OVMS) collects real-time data from all existing roadside systems and presents this in various views to the users. This information can be used in the system for various traffic management actions, like sending relevant information to the route information panels, alerting various parties about congestion and incidents and analysing the effectiveness of traffic lights and ramp metering systems.