Traffic Management

Our vision

A continued travel growth in the last decade has resulted in increase of delays for road users. The cost of congestion increases doesn’t only impact the drivers but has repercussion on the social welfare by worsening environmental pollution, public health and safety problems.

Resolving and controlling congestion is a major objective for public authorities but the budget constraints and limited resources have added difficulties to an already critical task.

Instead of focusing on expensive infrastructural measures that might attract even more traffic, ARS T&TT Traffic Management reaches for innovative and smart solutions to optimize the use of the existing infrastructure and alleviate the concentration of CO2 emission in congested locations.

This goal is materialized with the employment of smart roadside technologies collaborating with state-of-the-art traffic control algorithms able to coordinate the urban network. Our solutions are custom-tailored and scalable, allowing for a smooth integration in the existing environment.

ARS T&TT Traffic Management is ready to tackle a broad range of mobility challenges. Examples of successful business cases are:

• DYNARS, our urban intersection control solution to improve traffic flow of the urban network  
• The Flow Data Warehouse, a tool for Asset Management that enables a centralised view of traffic and traffic sensors
• ARS T&TT Smart City, a fully integrated advanced traffic management & enforcement system 


ARS T&TT Traffic Management solutions are deployed internationally and use internationals standards, Dutch innovations and are built on open platforms to create cost effective and future proof solutions.



Traffic Data Warehouse Flow Platform

The Traffic Data Warehouse (TDW) Flow Platform is a big data real-time urban asset management and business intelligence application for Smart City implementation. Interfaced to all existing infrastructure-based traffic and transport sensors, TDW Flow includes robust data analysis capabilities allowing road operators to transform data into revenue generating strategies and actions. Always ensuring full control over urban assets.


• Unlock asset data for analysis and optimization and increasing efficiency 
• Implement scenario studies, maintenance based on risk, project prioritization and enable decision support models
• Enable the implementation of performance management and manage internal and external suppliers 


DYNARS Network management

DYNARS is a network-wide traffic management solution to tackle the urban congestion in cities. In this new innovative data source from ARS T&TT, traffic radars are integrated within the current traffic light controllers to enable an advanced coordination of a network of intersections. The DYNARS system is an efficient and cost-effective way to ensure road capacity is used at its fullest and the traffic flow is improved with very limited structural or organisational impact.


• Improve traffic flow with advanced intersection control  
• Improves the total network performance due to adaptive traffic management
• Reduces NOx emissions due to less acceleration (green waves) and less waiting at traffic light 


DYNARS Advanced Traffic Radar

Advanced and reliable traffic detection using state of the art multi-lane, multi-object radar systems. Profit from many advantages compared to traditional detection methods (loops, camera’s, infrared): a wide and long field of vision, better data quality, almost no weather influences and severely reduced maintenance costs. The ARS T&TT advanced traffic radars can improve traffic monitoring and management functions of new and existing systems.


• Replaces loops, outperforms video detectors 
• Detects moving and stopped traffic
• Works under all conditions 



Further enquiries

For direct support, please contact:

Misha van Poppel - Manager Traffic Management
+31 (0)70 360 8559