Interview with Alexander

My work is diverse and scientifically interesting
Alexander Jöbsis


‘Immediately after finishing my studies at the TU Delft in 2009, I started working at ARS. I do many congestion avoidance projects, a unique concept in which clients (mostly administrations) pay people if they avoid roads during rush hours. In other countries people mostly have to pay if they want to drive during rush hours.’

Scientific research

‘My tasks are very diverse, ranging from the analysis of data to supporting the sales department. For instance, in the project congestion avoidance in the south of Holland scientific research has been carried out. Questions like ‘how do people avoid rush hours?’and ‘how to predict rush hours avoidance behaviour?’ have been investigated. I made a extensive report of this research. With scientific research you can achieve much more in projects, in my opinion.’

Independent and informal work environment

‘What I like about what we are doing here at ARS, is the fact that everybody is involved in the projects. We take care of everything, from the hardware to the software, and all the know-how required is in-house. What I also like about this company, is that age, work experience or connections do not really matter. More important is what a person is capable of. If the management team notices that you are doing a good job, they will allow you to do it your way. Together with the flexibility and the informal work environment, this makes working at ARS very pleasant.’