Our vision

In our increasingly populated world and increased transportation demand, clear rules and agreements must be made to maximize transport infrastructure. To ensure the rules are followed, there is a need for traffic enforcement systems. Our vision is to increase the safety and utilization of the road network by apploying our state-of-the-art systems to the equation.

Currently, we operate mainly in the Netherlands and India. However, we are also growing in other European countries and beyond. We are a market leader for average speed enforcement systems in the Netherlands and we have a strong focus on low emission zones, access control systems and other video-based surveryance systems. Our products supply our customers with outstanding solutions for managing their traffic challenges effectively.

the year we launched the VA platform
Average Speed Enforcement systems live
Low Emission Zones implemented
Municipalities with access control systems


“Our vision is to increase the safety and utilization of the road network by applying our state-of-the-art enforcement systems.” 

Our Access Control system keeps cut-through or other unwanted traffic out of certain areas or from desired routes.

The main purpose of our Average Speed Enforcement system is to increase traffic safety and ensure a better traffic flow.

Our Low Emission Zone Control system combats pollution in cities through a network of camera’s that monitor the access to an area for old and/or polluting vehicles.

Our VA Platform delivers comprehensive monitoring and enforcement tools used by industries such as Intelligent Transportation Systems and the security sector.

Weigh in Motion is a system that measures the axle load of passing vehicles to capture the traffic load and wear of the infrastructure. 

Our customers