Product description

With our Access Control system, cut-through traffic or other unwanted traffic is kept out of certain areas or from desired routes. The goal of this system is to reduce traffic nuisance. This product is very flexible and customizable to different applications. It can be managed remotely and is easily applied to existing infrastructure.

Better traffic flow

The system ensures better traffic flow due to the absence of physical barriers.

Access for emergency services

Emergency services always have access to the restricted areas due to the absence of physical barriers.

Automated system

The system allows for automated enforcement and fining.

Cost effective

The system is a cost-effective and low maintenance solution for access control challenges.

Use case: De Bilt

For municipality De Bilt in the Netherlands, we implemented our access control system that successfully directs unwanted traffic to routes that are of less hindrance to citizens. Traffic that is allowed to access the restricted area is not affected by the system.

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