Product description

ARS Traffic & Transport Technology has developed a Low Emission Zone Control system that is fully certified and complies with the high standards required by the judicial authorities.

The automatic vehicle recognition enabled by the cameras monitoring a specific area allows authorities to immediately see if any old and/or polluting vehicles are entering a specific zone. Detected cars and trucks are identified by their number plates and classified based on vehicle type, type of engine, type of fuel and date of vehicle registration. Our system has an accuracy of 99.9% and is able to automatically generate a certified violation report for the authorities, including images for additional evidence.

Complete solution

We offer a complete solution for the implementation of a low emission zone according to the 2020 Dutch legislation.

Automated system

The system allows for automated enforcement and fining.

Access for emergency services

Emergency services always have access to the zones due to the absence of physical barriers.

Better traffic flow

The system ensures better traffic flow due to the absence of physical barriers.

Use case: The Hague

Our Environmental Zone Control system has been operational in The Hague, the Netherlands, for the past 7 years. In 2019, the municipality of The Hague has commissioned an upgrade of the system for it to be future proof. For this upgrade, ARS T&TT is deploying the VA Cam. The Environmental Zone in will be monitored by thirteen VA Cams across the city, ensuring that polluting vehicles will be fined for entering the controlled zone.

With the VA Cam, we can monitor two lanes with a single camera. The increased resolution allows for the detection of motorscooter number plates, which are likely to be controlled in many cities across the Netherlands in the coming years.

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