Product description

The VA Platform is an intelligent ANPR camera platform for traffic enforcement and monitoring purposes. This high-end configurable camera can be adapted to the unique requirements of every situation for an optimal cost-quality ratio. All hardware and software is embedded in the compact housing of this standalone solution.

The complete VA platform was created by us and Scapeye, our subsidiary, to deliver its clients high quality ITS solutions which are robust, reliable and cost-effective. Exceptionally configurable software and modular hardware make sure that all the solutions we offer are highly scalable and stay at the cutting edge of technological advances.

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stand alone solution

The VA Platform is a complete standalone solution which is easy to install.

Integrated 4G

The product is ideal for locations with limited or zero fibre connectivity thanks to integrated 4G.

On-board processing

On-board processing eliminates unnecessary data transfers.

Multipurpose platform

VA is a multipurpose platform that is adaptable to future applications.

Use case: Dutch Provincial Roads

In July 2018, we were awarded the contract for the average speed enforcement on provincial roads in the north of the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, provincial roads are relatively dangerous road in the entire road network. Although they only cover 6% of the road network, about 25% of all accidents happen on the provincial roads according to analysis done by the Royal Dutch Touring Club (ANWB).

Currently, we are implementing our Average Speed Enforcement system on Dutch provincial roads using the VA Platform. The Netherlands Public Prosecution Service has done extensive analysis and selected a list of dangerous provincial roads. These are mainly single and double carriageway roads with relatively high accident and speed violation rates. Risk factors like access roads, crossing by vulnerable road user such as cyclists, and trees make speeding dangerous. To improve safety, our VA Platform will be operational after the summer 2019.

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