Product description

SOSPES Off-street is an advanced parking occupation management and guided parking solution. The system collects and maintains real-time information about the occupation and availability of parking places. It monitors the occupation of parking places and guides traffic to available places, effectively reducing search traffic and increasing efficiency in the parking occupation. SOSPES Off-street assists with capacity management, incident management and the dynamic guiding of vehicles to the nearest, most convenient places available for smart routing.

Management information

SOSPES Off-street offers efficient management information on parking occupation.

High parking occupation

Our system ensures high parking occupation up to 99%.

Space management

Effective routing of vehicles through parking premises with our system, reducing search traffic.

Yield Management

Our solution support advanced Yield Management, fluctuating prices based on real-time occupation and historical statistics.

Use case: Schiphol Airport

Schiphol Airport makes use of our SOSPES Off-street solution at their P1 parking premises. At each intersection within the parking premises, real-time information is given on the number of available parking places, for each row, section or floor. With our system, Schiphol ensures that traffic is guided to available places which reduces search traffic and increases efficiency in the parking occupation. SOSPES Off-street has reduced the travel time between arrival at the parking occupation and arrival at the terminal to 7 minutes

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