Product description

SOSPES Permit is our digital parking solution for permits. The system provides an advanced self-service E-portal for citizens to request, change and maintain digital parking permits. The system connects with governmental systems for validation of the right to a permit. A parking permit is assigned to eligible citizens within seconds after a request. SOSPES Permit also comes with an advanced visitor-app, allowing permit holders to quickly request visitor parking passes. SOSPES Permit eliminates long bureaucratic processes and makes permit handling available to citizens in real time.

cost efficient

Our fully automated system helps cities capitalize better on their existing human resources.

quality of service

The quality of service to civilians is high. The system allows citizens to request or modify their permit online and get permit rights effective in seconds.


Our E-portal is accessible from anywhere, at any time by anyone. Providing and modifying permits in real time on the spot.

Advanced visitors App

The product comes with a visitors App, for civilians to grant visitor parking against reduced rates

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