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A continued travel growth over the last decade has resulted in an increase of delays for road users. The cost of these delays doesn’t only impact the drivers but also social welfare by worsening environmental pollution, public health and road safety. Advanced traffic management systems enable traffic to flow more efficiently and smoothly on existing infrastructure. Our ORBIS Traffic Management solutions lead to an increase in infrastructure capacity and a decrease in congestion and pollution, resulting in a higher quality of life and driver comfort. 

Important enablers for effective traffic management are traffic data and traffic information. We are renowned for traffic data monitoring, processing and warehousing services. Huge volumes of real-time traffic data from a variety of data sources and locations are recorded and processed by us 24/7 in a Data as a Service  (DaaS) model. Our customers don’t need to deal with data sources, sensors and maintenance: we guarantee high availability and data quality, so our customers can focus on their core tasks. Analysis services are built upon these base services and are provided to authorities for online traffic management, network performance reporting, traffic information forecasts and offline traffic analysis purposes.

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“Our ORBIS Traffic Platform brings together all functionalities from the collection of data to smart intersection network control. The platform uses different functional modules in a flexible way to provide the best fit for purpose solution for every challenge in traffic management and traffic data collection and processing .”


The ARS T&TT Bicycles monitoring services (TDW-B) provide highly accurate aggregated traffic data on two-wheeler (bicycle and mo-ped’s) traffic flow. With TDW-B, road managers can monitor the usage of bicycle paths.

ORBIS Flow is a system that delivers real-time travel times information for short-term and long-term traffic management.

ORBIS Data Warehouse is a Data as a Service (DaaS) solution to process, store and retrieve traffic data for analysis purposes.

We provide a wide variety of traffic data sensor solutions.

ORBIS Intersection is a software solution for traffic control at intersections. The products is based on a combination of local and central control that aims to optimize the traffic flow.

ORBIS Radar is the ideal smart sensor for traffic detection. The sensor has multifunctionalities that can be exploited in different applications: virtual loops, queue estimation and incident detection.

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