Product description

ORBIS Data Warehouse is a Data as a Service (DaaS) solution to process, store and retrieve traffic data for analysis purposes. The real-time data is collected from various existing or our own sensors, and from other sources such as Floating Car Data data providers. Visualization of the stored data is available by using the ORBIS Viewer.

High storage capacity

We own facilities with the storage capacity of billions of records.

User-friendly front-end

Data stored in the system is organized to be easily visualized in the ORBIS Viewer.

High system availability

The system employs various innovative concepts to ensure 99,9% availability over the course of the operation period.

Traffic Prediction model

The system is an ideal source for data-hungry algorithms that uses historical data, such as deep learning and AI.

Use case: National Data Warehouse

We have implemented traffic monitoring and data warehousing services for a multitude of clients since 2003. The Dutch National Data Warehouse (NDW) is the most extensive example so far, with nearly 10 million traffic data updates per day from locations all over the Netherlands. The data from NDW is distributed to all traffic information service providers and major road operators in the Netherlands.

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