Product description

ORBIS Flow is a software system that delivers real-time travel times information for short-term and long-term traffic management. Low latency processing and fusion of data sources enable accurate calculations and predictions of travel times for customizable trajectories. The product is available as SaaS (Software as a Service) or as DaaS (Data as a Service).

Smart re-use of existing sensors

Numerous cities already have ANPR cameras which can be used as input data for ORBIS Flow. Floating Car Data is also a valid input for a sensors-free solution.

Demand management

Using ORBIS Flow as input for the VMD allow road users to make smart routing decisions on long-term planning and transport strategies.

High quality information

High quality traffic information and forecasts are derived from the input data using filtering and data fusion algorithms.

Decision support

Analysis of the travel times allows for weighted and well-informed decisions on long-term planning and transport strategies.

Use case: Amsterdam

For the municipality of Amsterdam, we developed a travel time system to compute real-time travel time values for road sections and trajectories within the municipality. ORBIS Flow delivers calculated and predicted travel times.

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