Product description

ORBIS Intersection is a software solution for traffic control at intersections. The product is based on a combination of local and central control that aims to optimize the traffic flow.

Improved network performance

The implementation of the system in a network of intersections can improve the network performance with 10% compared to standard solutions.


The system is integrated in the current traffic control system with very limited structural or organizational impact.

Reduce emissions

Our system leads to an improved traffic flow, resulting in less congestion and therefore less emissions.

Smart City solution

ORBIS Intersection is a Smart City solution that captures data to optimize existing systems and infrastructure in an unprecedented way.

Use case: Flanders province, Belgium

The Road and Traffic Agency of the Flanders province in Belgium launched the challenge to implement a traffic control system that minimizes the best possible delays, testing developments in the market in the field of new control techniques and technologies. We were awarded the contract for one of the pilots for which we used ORBIS Intersection in combination with the ORBIS Radars as traffic detectors.

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