Product description

ORBIS Radar is the ideal smart sensor for traffic detection. The sensor has multifunctionalities that can be exploited in different applications, such as virtual loops, queue estimation and incident detection.

Non-intrusive system

Installed on light poles or gates, the radars are non-intrusive and easily accessible for maintenance.

Comprehensive traffic image

High quality traffic information is measured by our radars, including intensity, queues, speed and fractions.

Connected system

Connection to and from the radars allows for remote collection and monitoring of the detected traffic.

State-of-the-art control strategy

The detection and estimation of diverse traffic information offer the opportunity to develop advanced network control solutions.

Use case: Amsterdam

Our ORBIS Radar sensors were used during the pilot project in Amsterdam North. The intention of the project was to verify the use of queues at traffic lights detection with radars to identify if they could optimize the use of buffer space with the goal to prevent gridlocks for commuters traveling between the cities Zaandam and Amsterdam. Through our ORBIS Radar sensors, we successfully delivered reliable queue data that led to a reduction of 5-10% of vehicle loss hours.

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