Product description

ORBIS sensor network deliver raw data in the form of vehicle detection and events with associated characteristics. Real-time processing at the Edge, hub and data center generates traffic data including vehicle recognition, traffic flow with classification, density, travel times and speed of vehicles. Low-latency processing and fusion of data sources enable accurate calculations and reliable traffic forecasts. . The system supplies a wide variety of traffic data sensor solutions: autonomous, solar-powered inductive loop detectors for traffic [ including bicycles] volume measurements and speed, license plate cameras with vehicle characteristics detection and Bluetooth scanners for travel time measurements, Radars/ cameras for vehicle count- classification, queue estimation, incident detection and Floating Car Data from in-car devices. The product is available as SaaS (Software as a Service) or as DaaS (Data as a Service) or for On-premises implementation.

High-Level Features

State-of-The-Art Control Strategy

The measurement and estimation of diverse traffic information offers the opportunity to develop advanced road network control solutions.

Infrastructure decision Support

Analysis of the travel times allows for weighted and well-informed decisions on long-term planning and transport strategies. System also enables the road authorities with critical analytical data to take infrastructure development related decisions.

Cost Effective

The capability to get integrated with innumerable existing sensors and use of city data sources, optimizes the infrastructure requirements, and hence results in reduced implementation & maintenance cost. The usage of floating car data works as an effective solution that does not require investment in building or augmenting a sensor network.

High Quality Data

High quality traffic data and forecasts are derived from the sensor data using filtering and data fusion algorithms in real-time.

Flexibility and Reliability

The system uses flexible architecture which can evolve over time. The Highly accurate sensors and data sources provides the best possible information, yet streamlining sensor technology updates. The Saas/Daas models always ensure scalability and performance reliability with high uptime.

Increased Traffic Safety

Realtime detection of critical incidents helps the authority to take immediate precautionary actions by presenting the information on Variable Message Sign Board and other display devices.

Use case: Europe

Our sensor solutions have been in use in the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and Belgium at different road authorities for more than 10 years. We have been the leading supplier of sensor-based traffic data to the Dutch National Data Warehouse (NDW) since 2008, covering a total of over 10.000 kilometers of highways, national and urban roads.

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