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ARS T&TT to deliver scan cars and digital back office for parking enforcement in Groningen

ARS Traffic & Transport Technology signed a contract with the municipality of Groningen for parking enforcement with scan cars and a digital back office for the validation of parking rights. Groningen is the next big municipality in the Netherlands that will work with ARS T&TT parking enforcement system solutions, following Amsterdam and Utrecht that are currently also using these solutions.

For Groningen, ARS T&TT will build further on its existing SOSPES parking enforcement system and configure it to the client’s needs. Initially, ARS T&TT will deliver one scan car that scans parked vehicles. In the back-office, Groningen will use the innovative image review concept to ensure maximum efficiency for parking enforcement. Groningen will also use the so-called “Information Based Enforcement” module, that sends scan cars to the most effective places in the city based on historical data saved in the system. With ARS T&TT’s SOSPES parking enforcement system, Groningen will increase their enforcement and parking payments validation whilst maintaining the same capacity of manpower. The system increases the chance of detecting people who do not have a valid parking right and are violating the parking regulation.