Planning & Logistics

Our vision

Our systems solve complex issues surrounding route planning and optimization. Especially efficiency and cost awareness play a big role within the sector; the competition is big, cooperation is sensitive, innovation is not automatically on the agenda and due to the globalization of services, cross-border distances (corridors) increase.

We focus on concrete issues, such as more efficient waste management, smarter transportation of goods or persons, fleet management and the safe transport on allowed routes for exceptional transport.


“Our systems solve complex issues surrounding route planning and optimization.”

Fleet Management is our state-of-the-art system for fleet tracking and fleet management. The system is applicable in both logistics and Smart Mobility solutions, such as car sharing.

Our Lyncxx Waste Management solution ensures that waste containers are emptied in time, resulting in a cleaner city for its residents.

The Lyncxx Special Transport Planner is a SaaS system that supports and smoothens the calculation and scheduling of special transport which are subject to restrictions.

Our customers