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Solve complex issues surrounding fleet management, route planning and optimization


Operation efficiency and cost awareness play a large role within the sector. The growing reliance on road transport increases the complexity of the transport systems. The competition is significant, cooperation is sensitive, innovation is not automatically on the agenda and due to the globalization of services, cross-border distances (corridors) increase. For these reasons, effective transport fleet management is crucial. Route planning and optimization allow the transport companies to gain the crucial overview, perform efficiently, and have a better control over their operations.

At ARS T&TT, we focus on concrete issues, such as more effective waste management systems, smarter transportation of goods or persons, fleet management, and the safe transport on allowed routes for exceptional transport.

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Our software systems solve complex issues surrounding route planning and optimization, allowing our customers to effectively manage their fleets and adhere to their operational schedules

LYNCXX Fleet Management

State-of-the-art solution for fleet tracking and fleet management. The availability of up-to-date and historical information on the position and status of vehicles in a fleet optimizes the performance of the complete formation, as well as the individual vehicles.

LYNCXX Special Transport Planner

A specialized map-based multimodal transport planning solution that highway authorities can utilize to plan and approve routes for the transportation of special consignment, considering restrictions regarding safety, height, length, and weight.

LYNCXX Waste Management

The LYNCXX Waste Management System optimizes waste collection using advanced filling sensor data and real-time traffic information. This user-friendly solution streamlines waste collection, minimizes costs, reduces congestion, and prevents container overflow, while integrating seamlessly with smart systems for enhanced efficiency and sustainability.

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