Product description

The Marine Traffic Management System (MTMS) is a complete solution for the planning and management of vessel traffic. At the core of MTMS are the traffic services. MTMS integrates with the radar system and other systems, such as Meteorological/Hydrographic systems, voyage planning systems and pilotage information systems when applicable. Combining radar display with full vessel movement information and expected traffic significantly improves the quality of the traffic services. However, MTMS offers more than traffic services because it is designed for an integrated approach. The scalability of MTMS allows to integrate other vessel-oriented services like pilotage and lock planning. As a result, creating a platform encompassing all aspects of vessel logistics.

Highly customizable

MTMS is highly customizable to respect local procedures, rules and regulations.

High-volume traffic

The system is designed to handle high-volume shipping traffic.

ESB architecture

The system is based on ESB architecture, enabling an exchange of information with chain partnets

Integrated with radar

MTMS fully integrates with radar systems.

Use case: Schelderadarketen

ARS T&TT Marine Technology was awarded the project to implement a new Enterprise Architecture to the Schelderadarketen computer platform. Our strong modular platform consists of a collection of modules in loose connection (through loose coupling) that can work together. Through this Enterprise Architecture, the Schelderadarketen is flexible to easily add or replace certain modules.

The application of this new Enterprise Architecture means that Schelderadarketen now operates as a single point of information. Information from external system is easily exchanged through our system. Problems caused by duplicated entry of information are avoided, resulting in a single truth. This in turn results in direct access to complete and accurate information of vessel movements from start to finish.

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