Product description

The Lyncxx Special Transport Planner (STP) is a SaaS system that supports and smoothens the calculation and scheduling of special transport which are subject to restrictions regarding safety, height, length and weight. For highway authorities and road owners it is a specialized map-based solution to plan and approve routes for the transportation of special consignments such as abnormal loads and dangerous goods. Haulier companies gain significant competitive advantage by effectively reducing the number of vehicles required, their mileage and their time in operation.

High-level Features

Operational efficiency

The system allows management to control and organize their fleet for the best operational efficiency.

Traceability of actions

Management can achieve complete control of the fleet and their movements.

Cost reduction

The complex algorithms in the system allow businesses to effectively cut their cost to do with mileage, time and paper.

Highly customizable

The system is highly customizable to seamlessly match business needs.

Use case: Highways England

Highways England is a government company in the United Kingdom charged with operating, maintaining and improving England’s motorways and major A roads. Our Lyncxx Special Transport Planner is the core component of their ESDAL (Electronic Service for the Delivery of Abnormal Loads) system, which takes care of the planning of abnormal loads throughout the country. The initial ESDAL system was supplied to Highways England by us in 2014. In 2018, we upgraded it to Esdal3.

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