Product description

Lyncxx Fleet Management and

Car sharing is a state-of-the-art solution for fleet tracking and management. The system is applicable in logistics, as well as in Smart Mobility solutions such as car sharing, pay-per-use and road pricing applications.

Lyncxx Fleet Management and Car sharing provides an in-car solution that tracks vehicle movements and a secure cloud-based solution that allows communication with all vehicles, records of vehicle movements and provides management information. The availability of up-to-date and historical information on the position and status of vehicles in a fleet, allows to optimize the performance of the complete fleet and individual vehicles.

High-level Features

Increased profits per trip

Trips are planned thoroughly and drivers work with assigned routes instead of separate locations, leading to a decrease in fuel and time costs.

Reduced paper documentation

Creating a schedule electronically and organizing it through the system makes the use of paper redundant.

Traceability of actions

The system allows management to review the fleet performance in real time. Schedules, performance, routes taken and many other aspects can be monitored.

Reduced time for organization

Lyncxx Fleet Management is a very direct, hands-on way to manage your business and achieve operational excellence.

Use case: WeGo car sharing

WeGo is a car sharing company in the Netherlands that improves fleet efficiency by making vehicles available to a user group and to support the planning and access of the vehicles in a fleet. Their customers comprise of large municipalities (e.g. the city of Amsterdam), fleet management companies, car rental companies and multi-modal providers of transportation services. WeGo makes use of the Lyncxx Fleet Management system and our TravelStar technology for all remote and proximity interaction with the WeGo enabled vehicles.

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