Product description

Our Lyncxx Waste Management system calculates the optimal route for waste collection trucks based on filling sensor data from inside the containers. Our solution ensures that waste containers are emptied in time, resulting in a cleaner city for its residents. Driving an optimal route means that less waste trucks are deployed and a reduction in mileage. Leading to more efficient and sustainable waste collection.

User-friendly solution

The solution is user-friendly for both driver and planner.


Lyncxx Waste Management is a durable, futureproof solution.

Self-learning system

Our system is dynamic and self-learning. It self-adapts to the actual traffic situation.

Reduction of costs

With our system, less waste trucks are deployed, and less mileage is driven. Leading to a reduction of costs.

Use case: Avalex

Avalex, a waste management corporation of several Dutch municipalities near Delft, contracted ARS T&TT to optimize the waste collection in order to improve their services to the citizens. The objective is to ensure that the waste collection trucks are routed in such a way that transport costs are minimized, no traffic problems are created and the sensored underground waste containers do not overflow. ARS T&TT achieves this by the  implementation of its Lyncxx waste management solution. Historic data combined with the actual fill rate (provided by sensors in the underground waste containers) is used to determine the optimal moment to empty the container. The ARS T&TT Lyncxx platform provides optimal planning and routing of waste collection trucks, based on actual fill rate data, historical patterns and physical restriction (school zones, weight/height restriction).

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