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ARS T&TT parking enforcement live in Groningen

At the start of January 2019, parking enforcement in Groningen, the Netherlands, provided by ARS T&TT has gone live. From now on, a scan car will drive around the city to check parked cars for parking rights.

In addition to the scan car, the municipality of Groningen also uses ARS T&TT’s digital back office for the validation of parking rights and our innovative handheld solution for follow-up. This back office consists of the innovative image review concept, through which images made by the scan car will be checked and validated. When a physical check is required on the location of the vehicle, the handheld solution will ensure that an enforcer in the field receives all information on his handheld for further processing.

With ARS T&TT’s SOSPES parking enforcement system, Groningen will increase their enforcement and parking payments validation whilst maintaining the same capacity of manpower.

Click here for a video of the new scan car in Groningen. Please note, the video is only available in Dutch.