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Dynamic Bus station in Copenhagen

In July 2023 the Danish Road Directorate awarded ARS Traffic and Transport Technology B.V. a contract to supply a dynamic information and management solution for a new Bus Terminal in Copenhagen. The new terminal will accommodate operators of scheduled long-distance buses. Arriving and departing passengers will have easy access to nearby rail and metro services.

Based on bus identification via ANPR-cameras and smart allocation algorithms we will efficiently guide the bus drivers through the busy bus station. Bus drivers will upon arrival at the terminal be notified of platform allocation via off board allocation instructions via traffic lights and displays. More than thirty state-of-the-art displays at the station will inform passengers of real-time and estimated arrival and departure times. Likewise, schedules of the nearby rail and metro services will be displayed.

The bus management system will contribute significantly to the capacity of the bus station, allowing 200 buses and its passengers to pass through it daily.

After the implementation in 2024, we will take on a technical service management role to keep the system up and running based on the agreed upon service levels.