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Hitachi Capital Corporation takes stake in Mobility Mixx B.V.

Tokyo, The Hague, Almere – Hitachi Capital Corporation (Hitachi Capital) and ARS Traffic & Transportation Technology BV (ARS T&TT) have announced that Hitachi Capital Corporation received 49% of the shares in Mobility Mixx B.V., a subsidiary of ARS Traffic & Transport Technology B.V., on the 28th of October 2019. Since 2001, Mobility Mixx has been active in The Netherlands as a supplier of business mobility and has also successful in offering Mobility-as-a-Service (“MaaS”) and “Smart Mobility” solutions for several years now.

Background and goals of Hitachi participation

Hitachi Capital is already active in the European vehicle leasing market, with a presence in Germany, Austria, the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands.. Hitachi Capital intends to continue developing and extending its European foothold by scaling up and increasing the services currently offered within its own portfolio.

The Netherlands is renowned as one of the strongest and most developed worldwide markets relating to innovative mobility services (MaaS and Smart Mobility). These services provide users access, through a “one-stop-shop”, to a variety of mobility services ranging from vehicle leasing to public transport and car and scooter sharing. Travellers reserve and pay for their desired services through one channel in which they can also settle the administration and fiscal effects, and Mobility Mixx is seen as a frontrunner in offering these kinds of service.

Hitachi Capital considers the participation in Mobility Mixx as an excellent way to strengthen its existing international markets through the proven innovation that takes into account social developments, in which sustainability and  sharing economy in transportation play the central role. Furthermore, Hitachi Capital sees the current investment and cooperation as a prelude towards further expansion with Hitachi Capital companies in other regions. ARS T&TT, the technology partner of Mobility Mixx, will continue to make further technological developments possible. The CEO’s of Hitachi Capital, ARS T&TT, and Mobility Mixx will work closely together in order to realise these ambitious goals.

About the services of Mobility Mixx

Mobility Mixx is founded in 2001 and was acquired by ARS T&TT in 2018. Mobility Mixx integrates and aggregates a variety of mobility services and offers these to the public through their own app and smartcards including the Dutch OV-chipcard. Transport and transport service providers are connected to its open platform. This allows users to gain unambiguous and user-friendly access to multimodal travel services across all public transport, but also parking, taxis, rental and shared cars, e-bikes, scooters, bicycles and even refuelling and electric-vehicle charging. Mobility Mixx supports companies and institutions in delivering cost reductions and the ability to ‘go green’ by offering mobility budgets in combination with smart loyalty programs that substantially influence travel behaviour.

In 2018, ARS T&TT integrated its business unit Smart Mobility with Mobility Mixx and alongside this introduced a unique technology in which national and regional authorities can reduce traffic nuisance, for example, by successful rush-hour avoidance services wherein motorists are provided with incentives to avoid rush-hour.

The combination of MaaS and Smart Mobility gives travellers easy access to all relevant mobility services. With that, not only do the social and environmental  objectives become within reach, but importantly the traveller will experience added value in addition to a continuous incentive to permanently alter their travel behaviours.

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