ARS T&TT acquires Mobility Mixx from LeasePlan Nederland

One of the latest acquisitions by ARS Traffic & Transport Technology sees Mobility Mixx leaving the largest leasing company worldwide, LeasePlan. Mobility Mixx offer a range of mobility services for businesses such as the Mobility Card ​- a card enabling employees to select from a variety of transportation methods to get their optimal mobility mix.

The acquisition has presented ARS T&TT with a new platform to reach out to the corporate mobility market and spread their own smart mobility services. Mobility Mixx is also set to expand its product portfolio and will begin delivery of services to new marketspaces later this year. 

Together, ARS T&TT and Mobility Mixx have ambitions to become the biggest provider of mobility services on the Dutch market. ​”We see this as a unique opportunity to market our knowledge of mobility and behavioral change on a much greater scale” ​said Jan Linssen, CEO of ARS T&TT.

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