ARS T&TT signs contract with Avalex

On March 8, 2018, ARS Traffic & Transport Technology and Avalex signed a contract for route optimization, enabling Avalex to efficiently collect (household) waste and raw materials. With the signing of this contract, ARS T&TT enters the waste processing domain.

Avalex was founded in 2001 and is a reliable partner in the execution of waste collection and the sustainable use of raw materials in an environmentally conscious way. Their main goal is a waste-free region through the valorization of waste to raw materials.

With our new logistics platform, Lyncxx, ARS T&TT dynamically calculates the best route for all waste collection trucks. We calculate this route by reading sensor data from 3.500 waste containers, which measures how full the container is (container load). Based on this information, our platform decides whether a waste container is included in a waste collection route. As a result, waste containers are emptied in time, preventing trash being placed outside the containers.

Besides calculating the optimal route for the waste trucks, ARS T&TT helps Avalex with change management and the idea of driving a dynamic and daily changing route guided by an app on board computers, instead of the static daily route most drivers have been driving for years. Through our system, Avalex is forecasting 25% efficiency saving.

ARS T&TT is looking forward to working together with Avalex.